Dancing LED - RGB Neon


The regular neon sign is enough to achieve the display effect you expect in daily use. But some scenes need more cool and more eye-catching display effects. From this we have a new design idea. For example, the neon lights are divided into several parts, and then these parts are moved by some controllers. Or start from the LED. Change the single-color LED to an RGB mode LED light bar that can change colors, and make the LED light bar have more color changes and dynamic changes through the controller.

RGB Neon

Using LED three-color RGB light strips, it can display multiple colors (white when it is off), which contains 4 dynamic programs, which can adjust the speed and brightness of changes.

Flashing Neon 

Divide the circuit of the LED neon light into several parts. The switch of the circuit is controlled by another controller. Different programming has different display effects.

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